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    April 2015 – The caravan was very comfortable, well looked after and well situated for my wife who has mobility problems.  We had a well earned and much needed break and were able to completely relax.  We really needed to escape from home and you made this possible. Thank you.

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    Some feedback from families in 2014

    April – The caravan was superb.  The holiday meant I was able to take my children on holiday after many years and we had strong bonding time in a beautiful place.  It is such a beautiful park.  I would like to thank the Trust for a memorable holiday that I could not have afforded without you.

    April – The caravan is lovely and well adapted for wheelchair users.  The holiday meant we could all enjoy family time together without the added worry of whether I could climb into the caravan as it had a wheelchair ramp.

    June – The caravan is really wonderful.  The holiday was a much needed time together.  it was the first time we could afford a summer holiday together as a family.  I could not choose one best moment of the holiday as each day was so full of joy.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    August – We were absolutely delighted with your caravan.  It had ample space and everything we needed for a great holiday.  It was a great location and great holiday park too.  It meant so much for us all to be comfortable and have space.  The best moment was sitting on the beach and watching the sun go down.

    August – The caravan was fantastic, the best we have stayed in.

    September – The caravan was well equipped and thoughtfully planned for a wheelchair user.  Lots of space for turning round etc.  The holiday meant I was able to take my mother away on my own.


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    Some feedback from families in 2014

    June – The holiday meant my elderly father could take a holiday at a decent price with facilities to suit his needs.

    June – The holiday gave my husband, who is disabled, time to relax with no worries of home.

    September – It was the first time we were together as a family for a whole week.  It meant so much to us.  My husband and son bonded playing in the sand and we loved it.

    October – This was our first holiday for years and meant a lot to us all.  A lovely break.

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    2015 Feedback from families

    Hoburne Devon Bay – March

    The caravan was very nice, clean, comfortable and fully equipped.  Was lovely to spend time with my husband. The caravan was of a high standard.

    Hoburne Devon Bay – April

    The holiday enabled us to have a break away from our routine, enjoy ourselves and spend some quality time together.  Thank you so much, we would have been unable to holiday without you and we now have many happy memories to look back on.


    Some feedback from families in 2014

    May – The caravan met all our requirements.  We have stayed here before on many occasions.  The break helped us as a family to get away from our usual routine at home and away from any stress.  We hope to come back next year.

    June – The location was ideal and the caravan was clean and tidy.  We desperately needed a break and the price of the holiday helped because my husband is out of work.  It gave us a break from our home problems.  The Holiday Homes Trust give many families the chance of a break at very reasonable prices.

    August – The caravan was perfect for us.  Our daughter was able to walk around with her aids very comfortably.  She would not have been able to do this in a normal caravan.  We had a very happy fun week away.  Our girls did not want to come home.  Thank you.

    August – The caravan is brilliant.  My son, who is disabled, loves to be by the seaside and he thoroughly enjoys our family holidays.  The bedrooms are lovely and big.  We have been going to Hoburne Devon Bay for the past 25 years.  My son has never been able to sleep all night in other caravans due to the beds being very narrow.  This year he slept every night which made a big difference to our holiday as he stayed awake during the day.  Thank you.

    August – Your caravan is fantastic, spacious and very clean and the holiday exceeded our expectations.

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    Some feedback from families in 2014

    April – The holiday was a lovely opportunity to relax and read and play.  We did walks, swimming and activities together.  The weather was fabulous and the caravan was excellent, clean and comfortable and we would like to return.

    May – The caravan was so easy to move around in my wheelchair with lots of room.  It was a welcome experience sitting on the veranda.  It was the best adapted accommodation I have had for my wheelchair and family and I visited Monkey World which was also very user friendly.

    June – We have been before and look forward to it all year.  We can relax and enjoy ourselves in a lovely caravan. You are our lifeline for a great weeks holiday.  Thank you.

    August – We are grateful to find ‘suitable’ accommodation in a beautiful area of the UK which gives our daughter a chance to view a different location and gain feel good factor from the break.  We have many good memories of sandbanks, eating out, Bournemouth air show, Christchurch and lunches on the decking.    We hope to use your caravan in the future.

    October – An excellent caravan, clean and tidy and a lovely park.  The holiday meant being able to take my disabled mum away and an opportunity for her to share great times with her grandchildren because of access and location.  The beaches were easily accessible for disabled and the New Forest villages are lovely.  Thank you so much for providing such affordable holidays and we can’t wait for the next one.


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    Some feedback from families in 2014

    April – The caravan is in an excellent location overlooking the sea.  This is the second year we have stayed in this caravan and it is good value for money.

    June – The caravan is in a beautiful and quite peaceful location with an excellent view of the sea.  The caravan was clean and cosy with all the facilities needed for a comfortable stay.  This is the one time we all get together with no interruptions.  Real family time with lots of fun.  The kids had plenty to do and I  enjoyed the peace and beauty of the place.

    August – It was a very relaxing holiday and I loved sitting on the veranda looking out to sea.  I have been going to Seashore for  20 years and your caravan is the best, personally I have had.

    October – The caravan was lovely and very spacious.  The holiday meant that we could have family time. We have so many wonderful memories and would love to go again.

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    Some feedback from families in 2014

    July – The caravan has a great view and we loved sitting on the veranda.  We had fantastic weather and spent every day on the beach.  We loved it and will come back.

    August – The caravan had everything we needed and it was a much needed break.  The best moment was watching the sunset from the beautiful peaceful veranda.

    August – This holiday was a massive break for my family as I am a single mum with two children and the price including entertainment passes meant I was able to afford a holiday I could not otherwise have had.  This was our second year and we would love to come again. Thank you.

    September  – The holiday meant that my mum was able to enjoy a family holiday for the first time since she became disabled.

    September – We visited with a group of learning disabled adults, the experience of the holiday was a good one and everybody got a chance to discover new things about themselves and their friends.  We enjoyed the swimming and the ‘high rope walk’ and we also enjoyed the karaoke evening.  The holiday was great.

    October  – It was a really good holiday.  An opportunity to get away as a family and have some fun.


  • October 22nd, 2013editorYour stories

    Loader Family – October 2013

    The accommodation was very good.  The holiday meant that me and my children could have a family holiday and it was lovely to have fun with them and enjoy the holiday park.

  • September 20th, 2013editorYour stories

    Reynolds family – September 2013

    The accommodation was beautifully clean and tidy.  We have stayed at this park in the past and loved it.  There is plenty of facilities (swiming pool, restaurant, bar).  We hope to be booking another holiday with you as soon as possible.

  • September 20th, 2013editorYour stories

    Clarke family – August 2013

    Thank you for another wonderful break.  We all had a lovely time and Harrison really enjoyed being back on the park and is already talking about next year’s visit.

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